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Peer Gynt!

August 16th, 2009

I’m in Gorilla Rep’s Peer Gynt! See the event page for details.

An Introduction

June 24th, 2009

Acting is a strange business. In most other careers, there’s a defined system of advancement. Generally, people move from associate to manager to VP to eventually, if you work really hard, C-something-O. With hard work and showing up on time every day, you’ll be able to make something of yourself. For new entrants to a field, a college degree was generally a guarantor of some entry-level job (or at least it was before the recession.).

An argument exists that acting, more or less, can follow this structure, but the mercurial aspects of show business undeniably exist. Committed actors can languish for decades in Los Angeles, New York, or any of the regional acting hubs and never make a living through their craft. Others can have relative success within months, and every gradation between. So, what separates these individuals? I do not want to explore this topic in search of a silver bullet, the proverbial Northwest Passage of acting; we all know it doesn’t exist.

And here we reach the one absolute fact about a career as an actor: the business of acting is very different from actually acting. A skilled, talented actor is not necessarily a financially solvent actor.

My hope is to foster discussion on acting and how to make a career of acting. I claim no particular expertise on any of these topics. I do claim a curiosity and a desire to better myself as an actor-businessman. I encourage discussion and well-considered arguments from all sides. Count on a pseudo-weekly update from me about different relevant topics.